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LCOOL ACT - Suspension Weekend - 2-5 Feb 06

***Araluen Pub***

We left Hume Offroad a couple of minutes after 8pm, bound for the Araluen Pub - a great little place with nice accommodation, about 25km from Braidwood.

Starters for the Friday night adventure were:
  • Ivan, Leanne and three boys, 100 Series
  • Darren McRae, GU Pootrol
  • Dick and Ruby, 100 Series
  • Steve Rutter and Schooner, 90 Series
  • Mitch, 80 Series
  • Brian Sommerville, 100 Series
  • Ian Bennett, 100 Series
  • John Phibbs, Blake and Ben, 80 Series
  • Jason from Ridepro - Hire Car (2wd)
  • Terry and Kath, 80 Series (and trusty Tail End Charlie!! - thanks fella)
We arrived about 9:30 pm and found our rooms - back to the bar for some quick drinks - the bar closed at midnight, but we got quite a few downrange before morning.   Contrary to his original challenge, Mr McRae DIDN'T drink the (alleged) ACT LCOOL Girlies under the table by midnight!!!! (and was subsequently fined a dollar for "false accusations" by the Sergeant at Arms)

We were all up by 7am though, showered and had the famous Araluen Pub brekky before the Saturday Starters arrived at 0830

The big boys find the bar

The little boys find the games room

Don't bother fighting it Elyse, looks like Ruby has "cut her front teeth on a dirt bike" already, so to say....

History abounds - Kath and Lea catch up for a chat

Dazz...   He's had a big week, juggling many, many balls in the air - and didn't drop too many either  - I think he's spied the next one he wants though - judging by that smile!!!

Araluen pub the next morning

it's up for sale if you want to buy it - a bit over 600k

And from the rear

The Araluen memorial, with the mountains in the background

28 pubs!!!