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LCOOL ACT - Suspension Weekend - 2-5 Feb 06

Here was a weekend of activities for anyone looking for suspension advice and
discussion, or suspension fitted at LCOOL prices.   As many will know, Darren McRae and ATS has finetuned a package which is based on Bilstein shocks and is now being used by many LCOOLers with great results.

The work kicked off on Thu 2 and Fri 3 Feb at Hume OffRoad (Hume, ACT), with a BBQ on the Friday afternoon, with the option of riding in the cars that had been modded.   This was an opportunity to come and talk suspension issues, with a vehicle on a hoist to allow proper inspection. 

Following the suspension fitout, was a night in the Araluen Pub, followed by a 4wd excursion into Bendethera via the Merricumbene Fire Trail, and the now standard "LCOOL Smorgasbord" for dinner on Saturday.

Four sections to the trip report for you to browse >
The weekend used the usual means of "Sergeant at Arms" to raise money for the Southcare Helicopter service - a total of  $251.95 raised through some very imaginative fines.

For those interested in the track file for the trip itself, you can find it here >
(Click on the image for the track file)

Canberra to Araluen Pub via Braidwood..

Araluen Pub to Bendethera via Merricumbene Fire Trail..

Bendethera to Canberra via Dampier Mountain Fire Trail, and Braidwood..