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trip/2006-02-05%20home.pltkend - 2-5 Feb 06

***Bendethera Trip***

This phase of the trip started at 0700 at Queanbeyan McDonalds, with Pete leading the crew down to Araluen to meet the boys who had stayed at the pub the previous night.

Saturday Starters were:
  • Pete Ridley, Hilux Surf
  • Craig and Jo Everett and three boys, 100 Series
  • Bryan and Alastair Cossart, 100 Series
  • KP and three boys, 80 Series
  • Ian Bragg and two girls, 80 Series
  • Milan and Kristina, 120 Series
  • Ernie Roughley and mate, 100 Series
  • Tate Needham and friend, 90 Series
This gave 17 cars for the weekend, which was a pretty reasonable number.

The Sergeant at Arms from the previous night dealt out his fines, (gold coin donations, all in aid of the Southcare Helicopter), before we jumped in the car and took off.

Photo's below tell the rest of the story....

Saturday night was the usual Smorgasbord with some great tucker.   The menu, and some of the recipe's is here

We left camp at 10am, and used Dampier Mountain Fire Trail to exit Bendethera via Snowball.   Whilst in Braidwood, we stopped for a meat pie and sausage roll on the way home, and said our good byes.

Another great trip, and special thanks to Darren from Vic, and John Phibbs, Brian Sommerville, Brian Mitchell, and Terry and Kath Leeder, all from Sydney - always great to have interstaters on our trips!

For anyone interested in further information on Bendethera, Mitch dug these up for the last Bendethera trip in June 05

Seventeen cars lined up for the crossing - this was also our 'air down' point

Dazz is having his usual problems with the accelerator - it's either on or off....

TJL is widely known for his love of water - but can't compete with those balloons of Darren's that he's got wrapped around his rims...

This is just beautiful country - and that track ahead in the distance - that's where we're going..

An opportune photo (or the only bit of straight road where we'll all fit!!)

That Patrol is still hanging around...

 Morning tea

And from the rear

Afternoon tea at Bendethera Trig

Rear, Matthew, Tim and Ben
Front, Ruby and Adam

"Dad, now you've got a Ben seat!!"

Benny's car is transformed with new tyres, suspension and Kaymar bar

Craig, Mitch and Jordan enjoy a beer


Smile Ruby - camera

Better.... ;-)

Dazza's Bean Dip - she's damn good!

Camp from a distance

Lea and Ruby having a chat

That Bean Dip is still going!!

Darren - you know you'll get pinged for that rubbish!!

The front of Dazz's front diff housing - pick the bent bits!

That tucker is going very fast!!

Benny's Larb - lovely!! 

The food went well into the night

Three of the new suspension fits, Ivan, Dick and Ian

A now familiar sight - Rutman sleeping in - or is he still looking for satellites???

K.P - a drama mate??

Yep - she's a hole alright (that'll be a dollar!)

Now there's a revolution in getting your tyre changed! - stand in the bushes ;-)))

Crossing the river on the way home

Milan and Kristina's 120 does it easily

The Surf is enjoying a bath

Rutman cruises across

Ivan with the photographer in his sights

Now, to set the scene..

This is Darren, our friend with the broken accelerator

For those who are environmentally concerned - this was a concrete culvert - just its under water...

No need for a wash now boys ;-)

The mandatory group shot

Dick was the Sergeant at Arms.   Rutman got pinged a dollar the night before for indiscriminate urination (caught on camera too!!).

Now Ruby's turn for a dollar..

Dick:   If Rutman can't pee whereever he wants, nor can you!!

Rutman again - 12 counts of swearing emptied his pockets ;-)

Darren "knows he can't get away without coughing up"

Pete - "maybe if I stand back they won't see me"  ;-)