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LCOOL ACT - Suspension Weekend - 2-5 Feb 06


Darren and Hume OffRoad fitted four 100 Series with
  • -Bilstein Premium shocks and Ridepro springs
  • - 2" lift
  • - 1" diff drop for the front (100 Series only)
  • - A Arm fix
A fifth 100 with a diff drop, and two 90 Series with Ridepro shocks and springs.

For those not yet ready to upgrade their suspension, Hume OffRoad will be a local supplier of this configuration so there was no pressure to 'do' now - , but simply to come and join in the banter, with a beer and a snag.   Richie in his previous guise as "ACT Winches" has been a long time supporter of LCOOL with traditional values on mechanical repairs and advice, so this all enhanced the link between his new business and the LCOOL community.

Darren arrived Wednesday night, with news that Richie was crook and in hospital - His apprentice Sam would be in next morning though, with a mate, Jeremy, and at this point Ian Bennett (LCOOL) to lend a hand

On the way in to Hume, Darren popped a bead (he had broken about 15 bolts off his rims on the way up), so back to Ivan's for a quick change - this was the first of a few dramas during the day.

Richie being away put the pressure on, but Darren and Sam provided the direction and work got going at a cracking pace.    Suspension proved to not be a drama - but little things fitting the Kaymar bars (times two), long range fuel tanks etc took more time than they deserved.

Ivan arrived at 4:30, and by 7pm the boys were hungry - none of the pizza houses would deliver to Hume, so Ian came to the rescue, and one of his boys dropped off a stack of pizzas to sort the belly hunger - it was still bloody hot so lots of water also consumed.

Rutman arrived about 8pm and work continued until midnight.   It was one of those days when everything goes against you, the boys just rise to it - spirits were all good, and we all took turns at being pasted in the workshop by the rest of the boys.

Friday morning once again saw Darren, Ian Bennett, and Jeremy there first up - Sam was in hospital with some metal in his eye, but luckily came back after a few hours.   Ian Bragg had also offered some time and sorted an 80 series for Richie.

Ivan got back to the workshop mid afternoon after finishing work early to pack for the weekend and fit his drawers - still a stack to do!!!

At the end of the day, many people pitched in and got the job done, and the BBQ went off without a hitch - the workshop closed its doors at 8pm as the boys drove off for their weekend at Bendethera, kicking off with a night at the Araluen Pub

Well, it all started with this bloke called McRae...  Who used to drive 'yota's but is now seen in a 'trol. But clearly not by choice.

He dragged a trailer full of wheels, tyres and bits - from Geelong to Canberra

Dicks and Ivan's all sitting on hoists ready to go!

Never met Dazz? - this figurine is stuck to his bull bar - remarkable resemblance, some would say!!

(See what I mean??)
It didn't take long, before his position was found - in the back of the workshop, under a fan - phone in hand (I think there was someone on the other end..!!)

Ian Bennett (Benny) is one of the guys getting his car done, and happy to get his hands dirty

Ian:  "Darren, can you get me a shifter"

Dazz is doing the sticker thing, keeping his hands clean..

Ian:  "Darren, can you get me a *()&^^_*((&*&^ shifter"
Darren:   "are they the things with the claw thing on the end of a long handle??

"yep, no worries - long and silver......   and adjustable up the top.... - got it -
thanks GC"

The new torsion bars - a bit more metal in the new ones!!!

New springs versus old (the new ones shown here are actually a tad shorter than the ones actually fitted, but even so, you can see the difference in construction..)

Sam making sure everything is all in place

The new cross member used in the diff drop

Spacers in place

and again..

The new plate being clamped in place for the A Arm Fix - common for the IFS 100s to crack here - this will fix the drama.

Fully stitch welded

(wish I was that neat!!)

The Kaymar bar out of the wrapping

Benny's car sitting pretty

Ivan's car looking a whole lot better (still got the short springs on though)

The Kaymar getting that spare out from being beaten up on the whoops

Richie (fresh out of hospital) thanking everyone for helping out and getting the job done.

The boys

The boys - part two

Yes mate - work is over - Dick has arrived ready to go ;-)

Richie - that mouse is about all his wrist is gonna drive - Dazz watches on

And while Dazz is busy with Richie, time to put some stickers on HIS car - note drivers windscreen..

The BBQ afterwards

We'd run out of time to do Rutman's car - but a concerted effort by all got it sorted - a three hour job finished in one - including getting a rear shock out which had a stripped nut.