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Franklin (and return) - 12 Dec 04

The itinerary for the trip was:
  • Meet at Uriarra Homestead (1000)
  • Two Sticks Rd for a scenic drive to the lunch stop
  • Mt Franklin picnic ground for lunch
  • Scenic drive home.

The trip was guided by Pete, with the following attending:

  • Pete and Vanessa, 80 series
  • Schooner and Deb, 100 series
  • Steve and Sandy - 90 series
  • Richard and Steph - 90 series (from Junee)
  • Ivan and Leanne - 90 series
  • Neil - 80 series
  • Ian and Nanette - 80 series
  • a tribe of 12 kids belonging to most of the above

Trip Report

We converged on Uriarra Homestead at the appointed time, after battling with oncoming cyclists (well, Triathletes anyway) in the order of three or four hundred - luckily they were coming the other way.

We heard Richard and Steph over the radio and they appeared soon after.   Richard and Steph are our recently joined Junee members, and had left at o'dark'hundred to meet us by 10 am.

The plan was for a scenic drive up Two Sticks Track for those who were interested, and otherwise meeting at the Mt Franklin Picnic Ground.   Someone said that Neil would be half an hour late if he came - true to word, shortly after we left, Neil was heard over the radio - unfortunately it was far too scratchy to get a rendezvous sorted, so we pushed on, enjoying the scenery.

Towards the end of Two Sticks, Neil was heard again, but this time, boomed over the airwaves - he had taken a vantage point on top of Mt Coree, with a commanding line of sight over most of the area.   We had been pondering taking a detour over a powerline track, but on hearing Neil, decided to meet him up on top of Mt Coree.   There were a couple who hadn't been up here before, and with a nice view over Canberra (far distance), and surrounding country - it is a lovely sight, even for those who have been there before.   The kids found some lizards, and were soon upturning all the rocks in sight.

On from Mt Coree it was only a short trip up to Mt Franklin, where we had heard Ian over the radio - they had been there for a little while and were well set up in the sun, enjoying a bite to eat and a beer.

As soon as we turned up though, it started to rain - the spot had been picked because it had a wet weather option, so we moved under the shelter.

Pete soon had a fire going, and the plate cleaned up - with Richard, Schooner, Pete and Ivan all sharing the BBQ plate at the same time, it was a hive of activity.

Beer was flowing, kids were playing, chatter was aplenty - just nice to be out in the bush.

By mid afternoon it was time for our NSW compatriots (Ian/Nanette and Richard/Steph) to make a move - we all packed up, and decided it was still too early to go home - Steve and Sandy had a couple of ideas, so off we went down to Pabral Rd, and did Rangie Hill in reverse (downhill).   This continues into what we figure is Shannon Flat Rd - much more of a goat track than a road, but with half a dozen creek crossings, it was a bit of fun - with the recent heavy rains, there was even a bit of current!

Back on ??? Rd, Steve offered us another 'short cut' through to the Cotter via Vanity Crossing.   This was running quite well, and we had a bit of fun in the 0.6m crossing.    Sandy positioned herself well to take the photo's below, but with the spirited crossings of four cars, we flooded her return path - that brought a cheeky smile to all our faces ;-)

Another couple of k's and we hit the bitumen, and time to go home - another great day - Thanks to Pete for organising it, Richard and Steph for the big effort in coming from Junee (look forward to catching up again soon), and all the attendees for making it a great day.   For those that couldn't make it, we look forward to catching you in the New Year (Tumut Trip maybe ;-)

Richard and Steph on Two Sticks Rd

Steve and Sandy - she's getting wetter!

Schooner - "give me some room boys - here comes a Tsunami"

One of the small waterfalls on Two Sticks

Up on Mt Coree to meet Neil

Ian and Nanette met us at the picnic area - Nanette hard at work - Ian being creative with the camera ;-)

The picnic area was a great size - a game of cricket on the cards here

Some tall trees happening here - Nanette still hard at work ;-)

The rest of the crew arrive

Sandy had made up some beaut biscuits - that's a 90 next to the LCOOL, and above the Toyota symbol biscuit - I think there's an 80 upside down - and the 100 is in there somewhere too.....                     ;-)

The undercover area at Mt Franklin - busy getting some food on..

Pete setting up his whizz bang table

Mate - you're working just way too hard (fast) - you'll do yourself an injury..  #6 on the way

Richard cooking some snags for his tribe - Ivan checking to see if there are any spare!

This is a favorite slope of the ACT LCOOLers - it used to be known as Rangie Hill, but now known as "Disco Hill"    This is why (in case you have forgotten ;-)

Steve and Sandy - Following a Prado, In a Prado, and a Prado in a Prado...

Schooner making his way across the ford - 0.6m so the depth guage said..

Pete ups the speed a bit

Ivan giving the engine bay a flush

Steve coming down under Schooner's guidance - these angles just don't show it properly - but they never do, do they ?? ;-)

Schooner cruising down

Pete straddles the ditch

Ivan (holding on)

The end of another great day

Click here for Vanity Crossing plot file (above)

Click here for Two Sticks plot file (above)