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LCOOL - Christmas High Country Trip - 3/4 Dec 05


Our cruisy Xmas trip this year is going to be a lot of base camping, and day trips, with only a couple of camp moves.

The meeting point is The Dogmans Hut at Tom Groggin on the Murray, a great
spot for NSW and Vic to meet with aprox same travel time. [please let me know if we are expecting you].    Meeting on the 27th though I may be there Boxing Day.

The hut is located at Tom Groggin, on the Murray below Mt Kozi, and the pic below shows the actual location for those none gps literate [like me 8-)]

After everyone arrives, our next camping shift will take us to Limestone
creek, caving, the Cobbera's, and heading south for New Years Eve toward Pioneer racecourse, and we will take in a couple of good tracks and places along the way.

I will be heading home Jan 3rd, but people are free to catch up/ head off as
they require, over that time.

Read here for a previous trip report on a similar event.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at