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Bastard Barson's Big High Country Adventure


Day 1 (no pictures)

Day 2

Parked outside the Woods Point general store. Mick Barson in the Happy Valley freight train, Greg Goulden's fruited up HZ105 and gc's HDJ80.

Greg crossing a stream on Lazarini's track.

GC scraping his way up a river exit on Lazarini's track.

Lunch at the Ski Hut on Mt Skene.

Barson following Darren's instructions to take the left fork - where Barson promptly got stuck. We all thought Dazza would die laughing.

With draw bar buried in the mud, Barson's car wasn't going anywhere under it's own steam. Barson's leap of faith didn't get him anywhere either.

TJL promptly followed Mick.

TJL wasn't fazed after umpteen attempts at driving out. Luckily guns are outlawed in national parks - Cath would have emptied a magazine up TJL if she could have.

Day 3

The gang lined up at Mitchell's Flat.

Blackie McRae. Obviously a throwback from the father's side. Damn kid looks just like a dog.

Blackie, Steve, GC, Julie and Darren

A kind and considerate Barson trying to make life bearable for the rest of us. It helped but he still attracted lots of flies. The fish floating belly up down stream didn't appreciate it.

Lined up at the Slate mine up from Fry's hut.

A rare shot of Barson in men's clothing (left). He had a passion for ladies apparel. TJL's going on about something or other.... You're breaking up Terry....over.

The thieving Barson with GC's HDJ80 Number plate. If things weren't bolted down, they would find their way into the Barson freight train.

Paul doing what he does best. Leaning on the car for support and having a good ole' yarn.

Morning tea stop in the snow. A treat for the West Aussies and a surprise for the rest of us. It's mid summer....

Day 4

Morning at Upper Jamison Hut - after a late night on #6's and a lot of laughs.

Farewelling some of the gang early in the morning.

Admiring the tenacity of a tree trying to grow from a crack in a very large rock.

Day 5 & 6

Mick and Darren admiring the Greek God physique of the photographer.

Barson getting his HDJ80 wet on one of Crooked River's 24 crossings.


Darren doing his damnest to make it look difficult. When he grows up, Darren wants to be able to tie his own shoe laces.

Terry and Cath getting all romantic on the Wonnangatta River.

Wonnangatta Wanker Award

Darren parked his bum on the opposite bank and willed everyone to make a splash. With little room for a run up it was difficult to make it big however the real wankers succeeded.

Terry's meagre effort.
Greg does a little better.
Mick's surprising effort results in a decent splash.
GC - wanker.

Barson climbing a steep pinch. His multivalve turbo diesel did a great job of lugging all that weight.

Lunch at Helicopter Point. A sheer drop off into the valley below.

Terry and Cath standing on the edge. GC's hoping the rock doesn't give way - it's the only thing stopping his car from going over.

GC and TJL at Lovick's Hut

Vicky kicking back relaxing.

Darren cleaning the underside of the car from all the horse shit at Pikes Flat.

Dazza trying to out-stare the camera. 

Day 7

Julie kicking back. Any more relaxed and she'd be in a coma.

Vicky packing up for another day on the road. In the mean time, Mick's prancing around somewhere in her clothing.

The Lads lined up in the stream.

A Trio of Turbos. Factory multivalve turbos are rare enough as it is and to have 3 white ones on a trip was a real treat. From L to R - Barson's auto, TJL's 5 speed and GC's 5 speed.

A timely flat tyre at Bindaree Falls.

Craig's Hut for a welcome bite of lunch.

Barson trying to cover up the ladies jeans he was wearing with a waxed cotton jacket. The jacket wasn't the only thing waxed..... 

TJL fuelling up. He's a tight bugger - Most turbo owners use the high octane BBQ beads. TJL runs standard briquettes.

False economy. The briquettes just don't burn as well.....

Julie preparing enough food to feed a small town.

Dazza in his Sunday best.


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