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Bastard Barson's Big High Country Adventure


It All began on the 7th Feb, where a few attendee’s running late were running flat out by the GS up the highway, knowing it was clear, to make the Maccas meeting point and find the west aussies who had been booming over the radio while we were on the way. After a quick stop in town for one attendee to build his stock of camping underwear and something to eat, we headed for Walhalla and lunch after a wander around town.

We headed over Mt Selma to Woods Point, and camped at Comets flat for the night, after a quick pub visit, and hibernating under Barson's camper during the thunder storm, TJL and Cath, met us at this point after a trip along half of Davies Plain, but that’s another story…………

We headed from here to Mt Skene, having lunch in the hut on the summit, we lit the open fire, took in the view, then hightailed it to Wrens Flat, checked out the mining operation before sliding on in to our camp for the night at Mitchell’s Homestead.

Once in camp, we were met by a few more listers, some after we went to bed.

After a quick sight see at the underground river, and towing some car camper combo’s  up the hill to the slate mine for smoko and a group photo, we headed for Fry's hut for lunch, through Sheepyard flat and onto Upper Jamieson hut where we all showered, or swam, and camped for the night.

It was here at this camp that one of our attendee’s felt he knew us all well enough to attend the fire in women’s clothing, and this wouldn’t be the last time for the trip he would have his wife’s clothes on either!!!!

The rain came just in time to wet our belongings while packing up this morning, we were soon on the road, and some attendees were heading back to Mansfield to head home, unfortunately they missed smoko in the


snow on top of king Billy one and two, [with our snow challenged west aussie running on tip toes shouting “im a snow fairy…I'm a snow fairy” they really need to get out more….] like the rest following us to Mt Howitt before turning off, where we said our goodbyes, and headed into Wonnangatta valley To camp for 2 nights. Once in camp we settled down round the fire again, in a very picturesque spot, and by this point happy hour each day was turning into happy 2 hours…

Next day some rested in camp while we took the Barson's on  a drive through Talbotville, along crooked river, then up to Grant, before stopping for lunch on the helipad at Collingwood spur. After descending Collingwood spur, into the river at the bottom, Barson's 80 looked like a big white steamed dim sim as the auto cruiser quenched its disc rotors in the water.

The weather improved greatly as we headed from the 'gatta back to King Billy and the views were great, especially at the lunch stop at helicopter point, where you can see almost forever.

After lunch we cruised past Lovick's hut, and bluff hut and headed for Pikes flat where we swam, and sat in the water for happy hours, before a late tea after the sun had gone down.

Second last day now…shit! Where did the week go! We swam at Bindaree in the best little swimming hole there, before stopping to change someone’s flat tyre at Bindaree falls on the way to Craig's hut. Once at the hut we were surprised to bump into super hero “OILSKIN MAN’ who posed for us on the steps of the hut before flying off into the distance to the mumblings of the gathered crowd….[wanker they mumbled…]  

Unfortunately the road to Pineapple flat was closed for logging, so we headed for sawmill park at the bottom of Stirling Rd where we sat in the water, and stretched happy hours out as much as we could before tea, knowing this was the last for the trip. We were joined by some other ultimate camper owners for our nightly routine, and Mick and the new arrivals were able to greet in the traditional ultimate camper owners secret handshake whilst quoting the build No of their towable towering transportable T van competitor.

After a slow pack up and watching Mick do his first haircut with his clippers [luckily the recipient wont have to worry about it being a good or bad cut as his newly acquired stock of camping undies will cover it!] [ and we wont say who the recipient was, Are you still itching???] and a tour of Mansfield, we headed to Mansfield Hotel for lunch, said our goodbyes, Kissed the west Aussies goodbye so they could return to a normal life, [although it wont be long till they come to Vic again now they have seen what they are missing]  We also patted TJL on the head and sent him on his way, with the sober wife at the wheel, and we headed for home, wondering if we had ever had such fun in such weather with people we had never met face to face before, [and some we had]  we concluded that we had not. Thanks to all who attended, and suffer in ya jocks to those who missed a great week.

Darren McRae


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