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LCOOL Ultimate Expedition 2007

G'Day All,

Getting close to desert trip time again, everyone, and ATS 4X4 along with some other equipment suppliers are happy to let me off the chain again, and give me some shirts and merchandise, so we can have another great LCOOL ultimate expedition.

So we thought we would meet at Ceduna Big 4 Caravan Park where they have the same amount of ensuite cabins available, as we have vehicle spaces on the afternoon of the 9th June, and do Googs track, before heading toward Kalgoorlie, Wiluna, and onto the Canning stock route, on a nice slow rest day filled trip to Halls creek taking in all the sites, before heading along the Tanami, for Alice Springs around the 30th June, for a nights R&R, and those who are pushed for time can head off, and those who want a short desert trip can join us, and then come home across the desert taking in some of the Simpson's best features we missed last year, on the way to Birdsville, before heading home via Walkers Crossing, Cameron's corner, Broken hill, and back to home, on the 8th July.

This trip will be limited No's, with some vehicle requirements, to suit being prepared for remote travel in the desert, with fuel and water to be carried for 1200km between stops with a 25% margin for safety.

Water amounts, vehicle preparation, and tyres, along with recovery gear and spares will be some of the area's where the checklist will need to be ticked, so we can have a trouble free run again. We will, like every year do a trip back, being across the Simpson heading home, taking in the scenery, so those who dont have desert experience, or remote travel, can tag along for the trip home, or they can continue on to see some of the attractions in the area, before making their own way home . This will be a great way, like previous years, for those who want to gain some desert/remote experience, to do so in the comfort of travelling with other more experienced people for the trip up, or back to this great region.

More details to come shortly, but you can register your interest, by emailing me but be quick, as places are limited.

Regards Darren McRae
ATS 4X4 90 Fyans St Geelong Sth 3220
Phone 0352 216599
Fax 0352 231826

Update No 2

G'Day everyone,

First, up, sorry for the delay,  but, oh well, you get that ;-)
2nd up, thanks to Ceduna BIG 4 caravan park who offered all LCOOL members a 10% discount on the booking for our meeting point on 9th June.

My decision has been based on vehicle preparation, previous trip experience, inc on my trips, and participant enthusiasm toward attending, and thanks to everyone for replying, but please note, the decision is final, though an emergency list will be sent out, should we have anyone drop out who was selected.

Please note a lot of what is listed below are precautionary measures and due diligence only, to ensure it is as good as it can be for all.

You will all need to advise personal details, including home and mobile No's of those you may require to contact while away, and their names, as well as mobile No's for each person on the trip, name of each participant, and phone numbers and names for anyone they may require for contact, as well as any condition that may be relevant for those involved should anything happen, from a health/safety perspective. health information can be sent in a sealed envelope if requested, only to be opened if required, as all details will be carried by the trip leader, in case of emergency only, and will be handed back to you apon return/completion of the trip.

Please also note the location in your vehicle of your first aid kit and/or medication as well, in case it is required during the trip.

[if posting sealed envelope mark as "ULTIMATE ADVENTURE 07 CONFIDENTIAL" and post to me at address in my sig line]

Our requirements for this yearís trip are pretty much the same for water, fuel, food and water as last years Madigan line trip, with everyone required to at a minimum a 25% fuel and water margin over what they think is suitable to cover variables.

Fuel requirements:

6 cyl petrol: 400 litres
6cyl  diesel  250 litres
4 cyl diesel:  240 litres
1Hzzz troopie and 80series use 230 litres
turbo1Hz 100series use 260 litres
1HDFTE 100series use 240 litres
Prado diesel use 180 litres.

The fuel requirement inc 25% margin for lost/return/weather/soft sand/ "excursions" ;-).

Now, because of the type of trip, and the region, there will be strict fuel and water capacity details to follow for your vehicle, as well as spares required, and your vehicle will need a pre trip inspection by a 4wd specialist shop for such a trip and you will need 75%+ tyre tread [non BFG tyres and Cooper arenít far off following this, given the trouble they have been giving as well] full recovery gear, tyre pressure adjusting tools, and pumping up tools, **sand flag 15" from ground**, and enough food, clothing and equipment to be self sufficient for true bush camping for the entire trip.

Water requirements:

You will need to carry a minimum of 100lt of water for 2 people for this particular trip, and if you require your home water for drinking, showering, rather than use bore water, you will need 150lt minimum, and you will need to add 50lt of water per person over 2 as a rule of thumb, or 5lt per person per day. If your unsure what that may be, please email me, and we can ensure what you have will be suitable.

Mechanical requirements:

Your mechanical requirements for this trip will be pre trip major service/inspection, and spare parts and belts hoses oils shocks etc deemed appropriate.
Vehicle spares, like radiator hoses, heater hoses, belts, fuel filter, wheel nuts and studs, axle bolts cones and studs, king pin studs, cones and nuts etc, as well as anything which may be specific to your vehicle, others may not have. If everyone has 1lt engine, gearbox/diff/trans oil, then there should be enough should anyone require some, between the lot to keep someone mobile. You will also need to carry spare shocker washers, rubbers, locators, and mounting bolts.The sponsor is able to supply these, if you require, just email me with your requirements.

2 spare tyres

tyre repair equipment

plus anything you may deem unique to your vehicle which may immobilize it.

If your vehicle is auto and over 100,000km it will require a pan off auto service.

If your vehicle is a manual with over 200,000km, it will require a clutch to have been replaced recently, or before we leave.

min 2 batteries that are in excellent working order preferably less than 3 yr old, and starter and alternator checks, if the vehicle is over 100,000km old.

No mechanical item can be left to chance, and preventative maintenance will be way more important before you leave, than "she'll be right mate"

"rated" recovery points front and rear.

Sand flag which is 15' minimum from the ground.

The sponsor is able to supply these , if you require, just email me with your requirements.

I would also appreciate it if everyone could email to say they have received this detail and inc up to 3 pics showing how you have managed to fit the fuel requirement, and water requirement listed in previous updates, so I know everyone is set, without having to check at Ceduna meeting point. Details or pics of your rated recovery points would also be good please.

Donít forget There is also another trip, taking in the desert, and the great trip up to the area, which is an adventure on its own, and would be a great desert introduction for those who havenít done desert travel previously from Alice Springs. [I can forward the details to those interested]

Next item on the agenda,
ATS 4X4 has come on board as the event sponsor, as  a supplier of 4wd equipment, tyres, recovery gear and recovery hooks, suspension, sand flags, etc etc, they will be supplying the trip shirts [one per car, more can be ordered] and they are also my employer, and are offering LCOOL discounts to those attending, for vehicle preparation and accessories, as well as providing the item which will be the first prize for the trip raffle.

ATS 4X4, and I can be contacted on the details in my sig line at the bottom of this page, if you have any queries.

Shirt design will be out this week, and one per car will be supplied, with beanies, stubby holders, windcheaters, also available, and extras will be able to be ordered for all attendee's also, with new colors, designs, and donít forget you will need the stubby holders to meet 5pm dress code requirements, as well as shirt/windcheater for social occasions whilst on the trip to prevent gold donations to the RFDS 8-))))).[gold coin donations will be collected around the fire each night, for those who have been noted as "non compliance" for any range of what can be noted, with rules changing, and the truth not allowed to get in the way of a good story as determined by sarge at arms each night.]

Just email me how many, and what sizes you require with [SHIRTS] in the subject to order ASAP. sizing is same as last year, but colors, and design has changed.
Windcheaters [gray polar fleece with LCOOL and trip logo] $ 55 ea 

Stubby holders [black, or red, depending on time of day ;-) ] $10 ea

Beanies [red polar fleece with LCOOL logo] $15 ea

Shirts [black/blue LCOOL logo, trip design logo and sponsors  $45 ea [one supplied per vehicle]


you will need a current Deserts Park Pass for camping in the Simpson cost is around $60 for a renewal and $90 for a new pass. Ph 1 800 816 078 to
arrange your pass, because you will need to organize your own desert park pass for the return trip from Alice Springs across the desert.
I will forward more trek details, and current desert info to the attendees at the end of this week [yes, really, this time ;-) ]

Darren  McRae.
ATS4X4  90 Fyans St Geelong Sth 3220
Mobile                              0409 513 549
Office                                0352 216 599
Fax                                    0352 231 826