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 LCOOL Fly Drive Weekend - 31 Mar to 1 Apr 07

Like many, 4WDing is not my only passion, I love flying. I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is a pilot, and not of just any aircraft, he flies the very aerobatic Pitts Special and aerobatics is his speciality.

He’s also a keen 4WDer with a very well set up 100 Series Land Cruiser. I’ve asked him if he would take a few 4WDers up for a ride in the Pitts Special and do aeros with them if I organised everything, he agreed. I’m looking at combining this with a drive up to the Garden of Stone near Lithgow for an overnighter and a play in our 4WDs the following day.

Here’s the web page for the Pitts ride, note the “normal” price.

I have negotiated a one time only LCOOL price of $160.

There are a couple of video cameras located on and in the aircraft, if you want a DVD of yourself in the Pitts Special doing aeros, it cost him a further $30 to produce the DVD.

They also have a Tiger Moth if anyone is interested in the slow lane.

For the flying:-

Date:- Saturday 31 Mar 07
Location:- Camden Airfield (SW Sydney)
Time:- from 0830hrs

For the 4WDing:-

Date:- Saturday 31 Mar 07
Location:- Camden Airfield (SW Sydney)
Time:- 1300hrs
Duration:- Overnight with 4WDing finishing at about 1500 01 Apr 07

Bring:- All you need for overnight camping and 4WDing including recovery gear and recovery points on front and rear of vehicle. E-mail me if you are interested in participating as I will be coordinating all aspects of this unusual 4Wd adventure.

Full payment is to be made in advance, I will forward you details on request and organise your flight time.

Peter Ridley