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LCOOL ULTIMATE EXPEDITION 2006 Madigan line/Hay River

G'Day All,

Getting close to desert trip time again, everyone, and ATS 4X4 along with some other equipment suppliers are happy to let me off the chain again, and give me some shirts and merchandise, so we can have another great LCOOL expedition.

So we thought we would meet at Old Andado on the 19th of June 2006 so we could head across the Madigan line, at a nice easy pace, with rest days along the way, all the way to camp 16, at Madigans blaze tree, before heading north there, along the Hay river, taking in camping at Lake Caroline, Lindsay Bookies camp, and refuelling at Jervois, before starting to head home.

These dates are school holidays in Victoria.

This trip will be limited No's, with some vehicle requirements, to suit being prepared for remote travel in the desert, with fuel and water to be carried for 900km between stops with a 25% margin for safety.

We will, like every year do a trip up, and a trip back, so those who dont have desert experience, or remote travel, can tag along the main sections, then detour meeting up for the trip home, or from where we hit Old Andado, they can continue on to see some of the attractions in the area, before making their own way home .

This will be a great way, like previous years, for those who want to gain some desert/remote experience, to do so in the comfort of travelling with other more experienced people for the trip up, or back to this great region.

More details to come shortly, but you can register your interest, by emailing me but be quick, as places are limited.

Regards Darren McRae

ATS 4X4 90 Fyans St Geelong Sth 3220

Phone 0352 216599

Fax 0352 231826

G'Day everyone,

Below I have attached some details of the requirements to join the trip that is linking 2 of the most remote trips in Australia across and up the Simpson desert.

ATS has linked with some of our suppliers again, to put together merchandise and showbags, and trip specific clothing to make the trip memorable for everyone and more details will be available in the next update.

Now, because of the type of trip, and the region, there will be strict fuel and water capacity details to follow for your vehicle, as well as spares required, and your vehicle will need a pre trip inspection by a 4wd specialist shop for such a trip and you will need 75%+ tyre tread [non BFG tyres]full recovery gear, tyre pressure adjusting tools, and pumping up tools, sand flag, and enough food, clothing and equipment to be self sufficient for true bush camping for the entire trip.

If your unsure what that may be, please email me, and we can ensure what you have will be suitable.

Your mechanical requirements for this trip will be pre trip major service/inspection spare parts and belts hoses oils shocks etc deemed appropriate.

Vehicle spares, like radiator hoses, heater hoses, belts, fuel filter, wheel nuts and studs, axle bolts cones and studs, king pin studs, cones and nuts etc, as well as anything which may be specific o your vehicle, others may not have. If everyone has a 1lt engine, gearbox/diff/trans oil, then there should be enough should anyone require some, between the lot to keep someone mobile. You will also need to carry spare shocker washers, rubbers, locators, and mounting bolts.

The sponsor is able to supply these , if you require, just email me with your requirements.

2 spare tyres tyre repair equipment anything you may deem unique to your vehicle which may immobilise it.

If your vehicle is auto and over 100,000km it will require a pan off auto service.

If your vehicle is a manual with over 200,000km, it will require a clutch to have been replaced recently, or before we leave.

min 2 batteries that are in excellent working order preferably less than 3 yr old.

No mechanical item can be left to chance, and preventative maintenance will be way more important before you leave, than "she'll be right mate"

"rated" recovery points front and rear.

Sand flag which is 15' minimum from the ground. The sponsor is able to supply these , if you require, just email me with your requirements.

Details for passes etc for this trip are as follows desert parks pass.

Money for Lindsay bookies camp of $110 [tbc] and $10 [tbc]per person 2nd night]

I am waiting for the organiser of the permits to get back to me to get them done.

Because of the remoteness, and tight quarters, and requirements, the trip leader reserves the right to deny trip entitlements, and travel with the group, if required, especially if the vehicle is found to be not as required when arriving at Old Andado before heading off on the trip.I cant stress the importance of this enough.

My decision will be based on vehicle preparation, previous trip experience, inc on my trips, and participant enthusiasm toward attending, please note, the decision will be final.

Old Andado to Camp 16 is 377.89km according to some track files from 2 years ago. 480km from camp 16 to Jervois [next fuel]

I will be organising a sightseeing tour on the way up as the trip gets closer for those who wish to join me travelling up to Mt Dare, Old Andado.

Breakdown is as follows:

  • 19th day 1 Arrive Old Andado after refuelling Mt Dare.
  • 20th Day 2 Old Andado to the twins including camps 1 and 1A 135.88k
  • 21st Day 3 To just east of Colson Track: 38.52k
  • 22nd Day 4 to beyond Camp 7: 46.98k
  • 23rd Day 5 To beyond camp 9: 49.01k
  • 24th Day 6 Half day only - stopped at Claypan for afternoons R&R: 20.04k
  • 25th Day 7 To camp 13 but the really nice deviation to "The Oval"
  • - nobody else goes there, but its a pretty sight. 40.23k
  • 26th Day 8 To camp 16: 47.23k + some of the Hay river.
  • 27th Day 9 Camp hay river track
  • 28th day 10 camp desert hay river
  • 29th day 11 Camp Lake Caroline
  • 30th day 12 Lindsay Bookies camp
  • 1st day 13 rest day Lindsay Bookies camp

The distance is not relevant, as the diesel vehicles will be using more than double normal consumption from camp 2 to camp 15. Consumption will be normal bush track everywhere else, unless it rains.

Fuel requirements

  • 6 cyl petrol: 400 litres
  • 6cyl diesel 300 litres
  • 4 cyl diesel: 240 litres

These were recommended by David Owen and are spot on.

1Hzzz troopie and 80series use 230 litres

turbo1Hz 100series use 260 litres

The 1HDFTE 100series use 240 litres

Prado diesel use 180 litres.

(1050km) Jervois would be greater distance than Birdsville.

The fuel requirement inc 25% margin for lost/return/weather/soft sand.

Please email me if you have any queries, questions, etc, next update will be about a week away.

Regards Darren McRae

ATS 4X4 90 Fyans St Geelong Sth 3220

Phone 0352 216599

Fax 0352 231826

G'day everyone,

been busier than a one armed bricklayer, but here is update 3.

Really looking forward to this trip, and have begun preparing now Im back from the Outback Challenge.

I also have shirts done for every driver, so I need everyone to send me the driver sizes for our polo shirts, for our trip specific LCOOL shirts, and we also have LCOOL stubby holders, trip specific windcheaters, beanies, available, as well as more shirts if you wish to purchase them for others on the trip in your vehicle.

The drivers shirt is included by the sponsor[s] mainly ATS4X4.

Prices are [our cost + freight]

Shirts [ polo black with red strip, like last year] with trip specific logo, and sponsors logo's etc cost inc gst $45 ea

Windcheaters [black polar fleece with LCOOL logo] $ 49 ea

Stubby holders [black, or red, depending on time of day ;-) ] $9 ea

Beanies [black polar fleece with LCOOL logo] $14 ea

Any additional gear i will take for hand out at the meeting point.

You will also need to send me your list of spares, and who has pre trip inspected your vehicle, or who is going to, as well as details on your tread depth,and tyre type in an email please.

Dont forget your 15' sand flag!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any questions, please email me, and I will answer them in the next update.

Regards Darren McRae

ATS 4X4 90 Fyans St Geelong Sth 3220

Phone 0352 216599

Fax 0352 231826