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New Year Trip

Tom Groggin, Moscow Villa Via, The Poplars, Limestone Creek - Victorian High Country - Australia


Camp by the bushman's hut at Tom Groggin. We spent two nights there swatting flies.

TJL with Minnie on lap. TJL thinks she like him....

Darren showing off his remote controlled camp light. I reckon Dazza could sell cars with a grin like that

TJL showing off his electric saw. The kids are in awe...

Darren catching a few ZZZZZ's after a particularly demanding session pushing buttons on his remote control.

On top of Mt Pinnibar (1772m)

From left to right on the peak of Mt Pinnibar - Kelly "bullshit gc", George "I swear it's this big", Terry "bullshit gc" and Minnie "bullshit gc....woof"

Mt Pinnibar hut. The loggers were using it as a base camp.

On the track back to Mt Pinnibar (from South East) from Mt Pinnibar Hut

Buckwong hut. Very pleasant camping area

GC's car - Searching for Brumby Rocks on Native Cat track

Stuart and Melanie off searching on foot

Lunch at Charlie Creek - Great open grassy plain

Charlie's hut

Julie's turn to make some ZZZZZ's. After leaving Tom Groggin we camped at The Poplars for a night. We were all quite tired.

Gathered around the back of Stuart's 80 for few a fizzies and a lot of lies.

Moscow Villa camp area was home for a few days. From left to right Melanie "I'm so happy camping", Darren "I'm so happy camping", Kelly "my pump's bigger than yours", Terry "have a beer",   Daniela "When are you going to buy me a tent" and Cameron "I should have bought the one bum wide and two bum high model swag"

Deep in conversation about the virtues of pneumatic versus electric actuated diff locks. From left to right Darren "it's all to much for me", Melanie "Bullshit, George uses lockers all the time", Minnie "woof" and Julie "Darren doesn't need lockers"

One with the lot please.... Phoebe giving Julie a hair jobbbie and massage

Terry "have a beer" Leeder. Any more relaxed and TJL'd be in a coma

Moscow Villa hut. The theatre of the stars (kid's play)

New year's eve saw a number of adult games being played. Melanie pictured here is going through her paces. Daniela incidentally won this event - and the vegetable survived.

The fearless Flemmings to the rescue

With just one bad case of Beanitis, the whole group needed rescue

Geeze we laughed....

The engine room of the play. Devious director Phoebe "You vill do az I zay" and Liz "You vill do az she zay".....

The whole cast and crew about to take a bow

Stuart's slide out and rotate fridge thingie

Stuart's slide out and rotate fridge thingie

Jenna "I love my Dad" and Stuart "I love my Dad"

With Julie's frantic calls for help, GC jumped to the rescue. The shower tent needed folding up.  Nice guy that gc.... Reckons it's just like folding up a condom.

Whoo hoo... All folded up and ready to go. Julie's a happy camper.


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