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Maintenance Information Day
and tour of Nunawading Toyota Service

Our group assembled in the foyer and were greeted by George, the man who runs the Nunawading Service facility. Couldn't meet a nicer guy - who was proud as punch of his team and warmly welcomed our motley crew before setting off on the tour of his impressive facility.

After going through the variety of customer facilities Nunawading have on offer (like dedicated areas for kids both young and old - with internet access), we gathered high above the workshop facility where people can watch the action below.

Steve was struggling with the Melbourne weather - he was down from Darwin. The show bags by the way were full of Toyota goodies like caps, pens and the obligatory Toyota bottle opener. Good one guys - Thanks!

After a coffee break it was down to the workshop where a couple of vehicles were on hoists, ready for demonstration. Andrew began with a tour under his newly acquired FZJ80 (auto - he's gone all soft and precious).

After the tour under the 80, we gathered around a 100 Series with a live front axle to begin the wheel bearing packing demonstration.

Keith, the workshop forman began the work.

Andrew pitched in and did his bit.

With axle out, it was time for a bunch of questions.

Andrew demonstrates the bearing grease packing apparatus. It certainly beats packing them by hand!

Since few of us have a bearing packer, Andrew demonstrated the correct way to pack the bearings by hand. Klaus looks suitably impressed....

Teamwork with Andrew and Keith.... Andrew's making sure that all the metal surfaces are coated with grease in order to avoid the possibility of rust forming.

Andrew went to great lengths to demonstrate the tapered edges of the outer circlip. Put it in backwards and you'll never get it off.

The crowd then moved to the rear of the car to continue with the rear bearing repack.

The rear bearing procedure was similar to the front.

The only bloke with a full head of hair was chosen to view the hand brake adjustment wheel through the inspection hole in the brake drum/disk combination.

Darren takes time out to give the photographer a birdie.

Andrew removed the rear axle to point out the fully floating axles and to demonstrate the correct procedure in installing the axles so that seals etc. are not damaged.

We then moved on to a tour under a new Prado Grande with its independant front suspension and rear air bag spring.

Melanie had plenty to smile about as she was the owner of the Prado in a lovely shade of crystal pearl white.

The car park with just some of our 'Cruisers. There was a whole row of parked cars behind.

George, Keith and Andrew smiling, not because they could go home, but more so because they love what they are doing - and it shows in the high level of enthusiasm they have.

George also announced a special offer for LCOOL members regarding parts and service. For those of us lucky to live nearby, we can purchase genuine Toyota parts over the counter at TRADE PRICES - a great saving over previous club discounts we enjoyed from some dealers.

To take advantage of George's generous offer, drop in and let George, Andrew or Peter Mawby know that you are an LCOOL member and that you wish to purchase parts. They will organise the trade discount through the parts division for you.

On the service front, let your service representative know that you are an LCOOL member when booking the car in and they will organise your preferred customer discount in addition to the LCOOL service schedule which includes servicing items that are required when your 'Cruiser is used as it's meant to be!

In closing, a special thanks to George and his dedicated staff for making time available and taking us through his impressive facility. Also, thanks to Toyota for the promotional merchandise!


88 Station Street,
VIC. 3131

PH 03 8872 8888 and ask for George, Peter or Andrew