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Freds Hill NSW

33o02'47.3"S , 150o40'51.1" E

By Scott Spackman

Located on the famous "Putty Road", about 50km from Windsor ( NW of Sydney), Fred's Hill lies just north of Wallaby Swamp, in Yengo National Park. It offers  rugged bushland views towards the coast from the high ridges until the track descends down into the valley, crossing the creek, and then the ascent back up the other side of the valley.

Although not a long track, a full day should be allowed for this trip. The track is extremely punishing on vehicles with less than 4" of lift and  without a diff lock or two you can expect not to succeed. There is ample opportunity to test out your rig's articulation of the large ruts and steps, and disconnection of sway bars will improve your traction greatly here. An A+ grade trip, it is purely a technical track, with lots of boulders, steep drops, loose dirt and very rocky sections. Imagine a dry creek bed  at a 30 degree angle, strewn with car killing boulders. Not for the faint hearted, but loads of fun. The trip there and back is also exciting, especially with no sway bars!

The Putty Rd is a popular trip for motorcyclists, with miles of windy road, high speed curves, and straight sections through typical aussie bush. The Highway Patrol also enjoy this road!


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