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Dazza's Snow Slogging


Day 1

Some of the motley crew scoffing dinner in the Woods Point Hilton.

Mel and Zac doing their best to sway the odds their way. The Nathan Buckley poster on the wall put most people off their shot.

Early start from the Woods Point Hotel where we all spent the night.

Snow well under 1000m elevation. It was like driving through a fairy tale.

Walter in his hot rod turbo diesel 100 Series fitted with every go fast bit he can lay his hands on.

Mel, in a rare moment where she is happy to travel in GC's car instead of her leather clad Grande.

Steve Dali grinning enthusiastically. Steve drove down from Sydney via Canberra (to pick up the colourful Toni) to join in on this weekend jaunt. Steve has a peculiar fascination with directional tyres.

Morning tea at one of the huts in the area.

Daz (sporting a remarkably colourful beard) destroying logs with gay abandon. Everyone kept clear just in case.

George and Cam enjoying some heat from the stove. George is doing something to the pole while the hooded Roly peers out the window. We suspect he was looking for a banjo.

No matter where you look, you're always rewarded with picture book scenes. And in this case, a one eyed 80. It must be a Cibie.

Some of the gang heading into the snow.

Cam was the first to be "slightly" stuck. It got worse from here.

Another view of a stuck Cam being snatched back by the ever helpful gc. The funny thing was the way he slid into the drain. He was stopped in the centre of the track and all it took was an easing out of the clutch to break traction and just slide off. Cam's choice of tyres however was anything but sensible ;-)

Steve clearing the track for anyone else who wanted to spear off into the bush.

Others had tried as well.

It got deeper and deeper.

Track up towards the summit.

Looking back from where we've travelled. The turbo multivalve sticker really makes this picture and brings it all to life.

John making sure his HZJ80 got stuck into the snow as well.

And that others had the chance to assist in recovering.

Walter airing down to single digit tyre pressure.

Daz showing us just how deep it can get in the gutters. The rest of the group followed along thinking it was the preferred line.

Roly on the way up.

Now sort of sideways but generally up.

Roly reversing back....again......

Roly attended an LCOOL event in a Nissan. Naturally he felt humbled throughout the entire trip, though to his personal credit, he kept his chin high all weekend. Frank on the spot interviews on video can be found here: trips/snow_2003/roly.wmv

Daz getting stuck as he was trying to get past other stuck cars.

Roly spools out the winch having become bogged snatching out Daz with the strap tight between the cars and zero traction in either direction.

Walter digging and digging, only to move a few inches before digging and digging again. Greg, the slacker, had his bum firmly planted in the passenger seat and wasn't coming out for anything.

GC's excellently sik intercooled turbo multivalve. The snorkel's facing against the wind to keep it from clogging with snow.

GC kindly assisting a very stuck Walter.

GC reluctantly trying to extricate himself from the drain on the side of the track after snatching Walter. Snatching in snow sucks. Zac in the foreground is wiping snot onto his sleeve whilst he looks on at Greg. This is a rare shot of Greg actually out of the car and in the cold - but a common one of Zac wiping snot.

Mel looking on, trying to pick the wheel tracks that don't eventually run into the drain in the side of the track.

Lunch by one of the huts that Daz and Roly helped rebuild. The half a deer hanging from a tree made for a spectacular entrance.

Walter, Greg, Mel and Zac kicking back after a chilly lunch. Zac's army food packet contents were all just varying shades of brown.

Steve giving all of us a practical demonstration of the dubious benefits of directional tyres.

A rare picture of Steve smiling throughout the whole recovery exercise. At least we think it's a smile.

Those darn directional tyres. Sensational at scaring passengers and wildlife.

A frank on the spot interview video can be found here: trips/snow_2003/steve.wmv

Day 2

Brewery Track in Woods Point. A rather challenging climb.

Roly made a valiant effort and enjoyed the experience immensly.

Lunch at Mount Terrible.

Mt Terrible Hut.

A token picture of Dazza's Pramry for the 90sCOOL lads, none of whom turned up for this event.

Steve pumping up those directional tyres. It's only fair as they gave him a good pumping the day before.

One of Victor's lively lads, with Blair rummaging around the back of his Dad's diesel 80.

Victor's car literally exploded every time he opened up the back.

Steve proudly displaying his prize. Well deserved as he won a number of categories. Best off road adventure, Cheesiest grin and of course most inappropriate choice of sunnies for someone of his delicate years.