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Toolangi Trekking

27th April 2002

David bouncing his way up Pam's Track. David wants another aerial for Christmas.


Cameron making his way up Pam's Track


Lunch in Sunny Toolangi. From R to L, Matt, David, Jason and Cameron (showing off his best side).


It's amazing how the slightest rise in the track can stop an unlockered vehicle. Yes it was that slippery.


With Matt's 1HZ on the governor, he slowly makes his way up.


Cam inspecting the track ahead after GC kindly scrapped the embankment clean with his side steps.


It's tight and slippery. There were a few of these hard turns where the right amount of momentum was needed to get out of the holes but not too much to bash the vehicle into the embankments.


Cameron contemplating how he's going to get out of this.


Matt giggling at the hopelessness of his situation. Stuck solid, deep in ruts and with his tyre flapping around on the rim. Serves him right for using N!!$$@N rims.


A close up of Matt's floppy one.


Jason giggling like a naughty school girl. With Matt and Cameron stuck, both vehicles were strapped to GC's 80 in an attempt to move them up.


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