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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 2 - 27 Dec 10

Mt Pinnibar Day Drive

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Main Group:

Leaving Charlie Creek Camp at about AM 9:30, I had Bobkay and Farmer Dave in my car. All up about 20 cars in the convoy

Before turning off Buckwong track, we all had to drive though the Charlie Creek bog, some got stuck, but most made it through un aided.

Turing off Buckwong track on to Mount Hope road, Dave, Bob and I were gasbagging, telling tall stories and laughing most of the way, only to be interrupted by calls over the UHF like turn left at Mt Anderson Road.

Drove past Mt Anderson at 1650ish meters, onto Pinnibar Track, till we made it to Mt Pinnibar at 1750ish meters, where we had lunch, will looking out over Mt Kosciusko to the north east.

After lunch, a short back track to Tom Groggin track, where we turned off about 2klm from Dogman’s Hut and the Murray River. But more importantly about 1klm from where the NSW crew had troubles getting up a steep clay hill the night before.

Hooked back up to the Mount Hope road, and back to camp by about PM 4:30.

Phil M

ACT Convoy

Brian and Ivan had left Canberra at 8am, with a short stop in Jindabyne for morning tea - Ivan falling short when he dropped his passengers off to prepurchase tucker, and then driving up to the servo with Brian - Ivan's wallet was with the boys 500m down the road, so here was his first dollar to the RFDS as Brian forked out for Ivan's fuel.

Back on the road, they drove past Thredbo on the way down to Tom Groggin.

NSW Convoy meets ACT

Roger the Ranger came to visit early on in the morning, and had a chat about the possibility of opening Davies High Plain.   He reckoned we were a day too early, so the decision was made to head for Suggan Buggan down Barry Way

Glen, Scottie and Stephen packed up camp and retraced their steps across the Station Bridge at Tom Groggin, and up the hill towards Thredbo - as they crested the hill, they came across the ACT convoy who were headed south.
   We all stopped for a chat, and Ivan and Brian decided to stick with the numbers and the two groups joined to take the safer option of Barry Way.   Back through Jindabyne again so that the NSW guys could refuel, and then back up Barry Way before stopping for morning tea.

We continued on, looking forward to meeting the main group, but unfortunately Brian had vehicle issues and returned to Jindabyne with the NSW guys as company.   Ivan continued on to let the main camp know that all was well, arriving at around 7pm to find Craig and Kristen just serving up their roast - a couple of tidbits were borrowed and dipped in the gravy - beautiful!!

There were cars, tents and campers everywhere and we just found enough space to set up camp before hitting the campfire where lots of tales were told..


NSW Convoy minus

On returning to Jindabyne, no accommodation was to be found, so a quick detour to the beautiful town of Dalgety saw us set up in the van park, near the Pub whilst repairs were organized

Now let me tell you, if you never need an excuse to stop in at the Dalgety Pub for a T Bone countery, just do it…senbloodysational

Back in Camp

The ranger came in from the closed Davies Plain track while Darren was in camp, and they had a chat, invited him for lunch, and mentioned there were some run off issues with the track coming in, and that we would do some repairs to get the campers out when leaving without trying to cut a new track.

He said he was aware of the track water issues, and would get it repaired next when the earthmoving machines from Tom Groggin had finished on Davies Plain.   They had a discussion about a new pipe to channel water under the track, instead of running into the ruts, and then down the track, and he explained that he had the gear ready to do it.

Whilst on the track, we stuck to the track, not trying to drive around, and removed all the timber on the way in, previous vehicles had been using trying to chock up the wheel tracks, to prevent vehicle damage to our group.

Our group also spent many hours carting in rock to shore up the sloppy wheel tracks on a rest day the day before we left.

Most 285 tyred cars drove it with no assistance, camper trailer towing cars all got stuck. [Ted, Myself on 35’s, John on 35’s, Phil on 285’s as last car heading out all drove the ruts with no assistance]

The ranger was a great bloke, and was glad we were doing our thing there, and enjoying ourselves, and we bumped into him on the Cobberas next day, [after he had left us out the track from Charlies Creek, in his 265 all terrain tyred undifflocked Pajero,] where he stopped for a chat over lunch, took some pics, as he was impressed with our organisation, and formation parking, and helped our large convoy once in front, by getting others to wait for us to come through.

The ranger had no issue with what had transpired, and understood what was needed to fix it, and helped us out where he could on the trip.


Canberra Convoy on the way down - that's snow on the hills - and not just a sprinkling!!

Just over the top of Thredbo (heading south), Ivan and Brian come across the NSW contingent heading north to redivert around Barry Way.   Some discussion on options and the plan.

Far too much serious stuff for Adam, Matt and Jordy - lets get that ball pumping (can you see it - just to right and bottom of centre

Jordy - what are you doing!! - that's not the ball!!

Better!  (Big boys still talking and working on options!)

On the way into camp - first river crossing - bitumen now long behind us

Meanwhile, the main group is on their way up to Pinnibar

One of the views along the way

One of the two wet patches coming back into camp - staying in the ruts so as not to widen the track any more than we need to..

Michael, Stephanie and family around the fire - looking good!