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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 3 - 28 Dec 10

Cobberas Trail Day Drive

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From the Itinerary,  today’s trip was the Cobberas Trail over the bald hills, through McFarlanes Flat track and Suggan Buggan, back to camp for happy hour, will be a big day, AND it was. A beautiful day – perfect weather.

Nice early start – 8:15, and we were into it, slipping, sliding through the camp’s personalised bog , um track. Some snatching required for the Camry Prado (currentyly with two diffs) and Wombat.  Down McCarthy’s Track and onto Limestone Creek track, for the day’s first creek crossing, and although there was some concern regarding the need for a Car Bra – John was that you?, on this wet undies deep crossing all managed to get through  and give the vehicles a bit of a wash.

On we continued, ending up at the camping area in Lime Stone Creek for morning tea, no incidents at that point although at least one of our group missed our Trip leaders rather prominent figure in the middle of the area and continued on – oh well.

After the tea break it was again down Limestone to the main road and after a fashion, left onto Cobberas Trail for some fairly steep descents, dotted occasionally by empty cars belonging to walkers, we assume, needing more exercise than we did. There were a few trail bike riders as well, with their support team and a roof rack straining under the weight of the jerry cans. This track has great views.

MacFarlane Flat was the venue for lunch, and after a time the rest of our group joined the crowd, following some issues with a breakage in the rear shock absorber department. At lunch there was continuing concern regarding Mathew’s need for a Surf board, but we are assured it was intended for recovery purposes in deep crossings.

While we were there our most friendly and accommodating Park Ranger arrived and after a chat had to take a photo of the line up of such a prestigious group of quality vehicles. It’s unusual to see 14 Land Cruisers in one place, especially on the Flat.

That was lunch and we were off and down the hill for a nice little bra free water crossing where we met a group from the Central Coast 4WD club and a scramble up the steep climb on the other side to Ingeegoodbee track and up to afternoon tea at the helipad for some great 360 degree views.

A bit of a look, a drink, and we were off and back on the main road for a relaxing drive past Suggan Buggan, where a number stopped for a look at the old school house. We met quite a bit of traffic on the road (damn tourists ... hehe) and back onto Benambra Black Mountain Road and right into Limestone Creek Track, McCarthys and into Camp at Charlie Creek for happy hour, dinner and of course the fines for the day’s indiscretions.


The daily Run Sheet showing what was going to be tackled the next day..

Darren having a read of the Run Sheets - Front side is Muddy's awesome signage

Ivan needing a hand over the step in the track coming out of camp

Wombat comes across Limestone Creek

One of the fast flowing creeks that we drove through

The Central Coast 4WD Club at the bottom of the Cobberas - just enough room to pass - seems they were almost on the same itinerary - we saw them again on a number of our day trips..

The steep pinch on the Cobberas Trail

This is actually an interesting little pinch - the photo of course doing it no justice at all

Raff coming up the pinch - John waiting his turn

Ted comes on up

Nice shot of John coming up the Cobberas

Lunch spot at MacFarlanes Flat

Stacks of room for stacks of cars

Bush views

Craig coming down a rocky pinch

Compliments John Phibbs - number plate of old

Regrouping just outside Suggan Buggan

Meanwhile the team in camp were working on the track and carted half a ton of small rock to shore up the boggy track.

  Walter got into an interesting angle on the way back into camp

ended up needing a winch out from the front, with significant weight on the steps on the high side to keep the horizontal angles reasonable!