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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 4 - 29 Dec 10

Charlies Creek to Wongungarra, via Omeo

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Main Group

Today was our transit day from Charlies Creek to Wongungurra. The plan was to be out of camp by 10am or expect a fine from the Sergeant! (me) - So In fear of the sarge all had left camp by 9.30. 

The track out of Charlies Creek had some substantial bog holes on it, the first bog claimed most with camper trailers except Madmat and Mark. Ivan and Raff failed to proceed in the first bog and they didnít even have camper trailers on. They were at the end of the convoy though so the bog was harder to cross, and in Prados had smaller tyre sizes so were grading between the ruts after those with larger tyres had been through.

The second bog was much longer and even Madmat couldn't pull the camper through.  Bob came to the rescue with a light snatch. We had placed a 4wd without a trailer in between all those that did for recovery purposes - the second bog was becoming quite difficult for those with trailers and most needed to be pulled the last four metres through it. Craig spent a lot of his time running along the bog hole ensuring the convoy kept moving without further track damage. He did a fantastic job.

We regrouped at the Buckwong track intersection for the run into Omeo. Except Mark, Bob and Michael who abandoned us and went to Omeo for hot showers and counter lunches.  Walter and Glen also went through Omeo on their way home at this time.

Everyone was excited about moving camp today and meeting up with the rest of the Lcool trip at the new camp. Some may have been excited about getting ice-cream as well!

Our trip to Omeo was easy and uneventful apart from Craig getting knocked out by a rock that fell of the rock face he was climbing. (that cost him a dollar!)
Madmat had the dust cap on the trailer bearings get knocked of in one of the bog holes and found out while airing up later on. To repair it a stubby holder was cut down and cable tied to the hub. This repair worked till I got back to Sydney to perform the correct repair.

The resupply in omeo was quick with little time for lunch - though most found a burger and chips without too much of a problem. Madmat tried to get a new dust cap but could only find one from a ford that didnít quite fit.
After lunch we headed of for a very dusty drive down to the Wongungurra River. This took the best part of 4 hours, with those with trailers taking McMillans track, and those without, taking Collingwood Spur. Some of the views along the way were classic HC.

Arrival at camp was met with a very refreshing swim in the river. All of us felt refreshed and even a little cleaner. The campsite was set amongst gums and allowed the camp to spread out in the shade while still being nice and close to the main fire.

Arriving at camp we expected to find the rest of the NSW team who had been left behind on Day One. They were not in camp and hence they are now confirmed MIA.

The day finished with quite ales and the Sergeant at Arms around the fire working on improving the RFDS revenue.


NSW Convoy minus

We made it, on our way into the High Country, finally and hot in pursuit of the main convoy, we arrive at Charlies Creek to find we are about 3 hours too late, the convoy has moved on and we are left, yet again, lost and lonely in the High Country, we made camp that afternoon between Charlies and Limestone on a beautiful creek

This was an enchanted place it would seem. Raina built a fairy garden and the next morning found a thank you note from Tinkerbell .


NSW Convoy minus - camped between Charlies Creek and Limestone

Raina's fairy garden

Terry pulling the TVan through the first bog

Muddy cruising through the first muddy section

There was a fair old queue to get through the two boggy patches - Adam needed the loo, and this was the only way back after the car had moved - a bit of a scene from Karate Kid!

Matt needed a hand through the first bog, but got through the second unassisted - well done!

Tanya on her council shovel - loved the camaraderie of everyone helping each other

Somethign like this!   The road work the team had done yesterday helped heaps

MadMat is up for the challenge

Muddy running the snatch strap - we set cars with trailers in between cars without so that we had the best mix for snatching

Not the smartest move...   Whoever had tried to get through before us had put logs in the ruts - helped them through, but we had no idea they were there - this log jack knifing like a bullet through the spare tyre on the trailer - went off with a bang like an explosion

The boys having a chat just in front of the Dog's Grave

Airing up for the higher speed dirt

Convoy on the way to Wongungurra

What a campsite! - more importantly, what a river - rapids for the kids, tree to hang off, rock to jump off, and downstream a pool for the adults!

The view from The Rock

Ben mid flight from The Rock - Craig had checked this out previously and it was 'very deep'

The view downstream - fast flowing and then backing off nicely to the end of the photo - which is where the 'paddling pool' was located - photo of it anyone?

MadMat about to pounce


 Maddy takes a dive off the rock

Serena follows

The boys into an early Happy Hour

Meanwhile, the fellas talk about the days occurrences and anything else worthy of discussion after a day on the road..