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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 5 - 30 Dec 10

Pinnacles Day Drive, via Billy Goats Bluff and Dargo

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The day started with a photo shoot of  the group and the presentation of Fairy wings to Jordie(to be worn for the day) for being the last one out for the photo.

Michael was in the elf hat having received the most fines the previous day.

Leaving at around 9.15am, we headed along Station track and went right onto Cynthia Range track and then Eagle Vale Track. We passed Wombat range track which cost me a dollar for having a track named after me, somewhat lame fine that.

The road was quite rocky and steep.

We came down into the Wonangatta Valley where we drove over the river (some decided to cross using the suspension bridge) and stopped for morning tea.

Then we drove along the valley which had quite a few cattle farms, over monkey creek, then turned up Billy Goat Bluff Track. Appropriately named with it being steep, rocky and  shaley.  A spectacular journey along this track, to our lunch stop at the Pinnacles. The walk up to the firetower at the Pinnacles gave us fantastic views over the valley.

We headed back down Billy Goat Bluff and along Wonangatta Road to the Kingswell Bridge. Here we opted for the water crossing instead of the bridge and took a photo shoot of the cars in the water.

Then the procession headed up Shortcut Road to the highway, and then into Dargo for an Ice-cream and Fuel.

Then we headed back to camp via Collingwood Spur. Arriving at around 6.00pm a total of 116kms for the day.

On the way in to camp we overheard Brian, Glen, Scott and Stephen on the radio, who had sorted Brian's vehicle and were rejoining the group

A great day with fantastic views.

Igor and Sasha had to leave, so being the nominated group photographer, set up for a group photo before he left

Morning tea at Eaglevale

Brew is on, Mark's ready for a chat

Some took the walk bridge across

Adam, Jordy and Matt - Jordy complete with wings - never be late for the Sergeant at Arms!!

Billy Goat Bluff track ahead

Mark and Trudee get a quick snap

And of Billy Goat ahead

A little shaly in places

Lovely views though

Craig takes the walk up to the tower at The Pinnacles

Michael (note the Elf's hat for the most fines on the previous day), Stephanie and Peter take in the views

The tower

The view back down to the buildings from the tower

On the way back down

A particularly shitty section (worse going up it)

Craig gets his camera out

Daz coming down

A photo on the track

Craig gets a shot of the ridgeline

The reverse view as everyone moves off down the track

Some of the flora along the way


Darren coming across the river

almost across

Kelly Ted and John

Ted comes across, John lines up

Matty enters the Wonnangatta River

Doing well

Until we stopped for a photo - that'll be water coming in the door!!

But we're not moving!

Photo shoot happening from the bridge - the convoy in the river

View from the Kingswell Bridge

Some lovely bush views

In to Dargo for refuel - the pub

The General Store

Pete, John and Ted take a breather while we regroup outside Dargo

A drowning elf?, no, it's Bob with his Elf's hat (presented daily for receiving the highest number of fines the previous day) - not to be removed under any circumstance!