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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 7 - 1 Jan 11

Wonnangatta Day Drive

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Today is New Years Day and we woke up to another beautiful High Country summers morning  thinking the day trip to Wonnangatta wasn`t happening but to our surprise found out from Ted Gray that it most definately was on.
So, in our usual well organised, well oiled manner we promptly got ready to go ... :-) hehe Todays trip saw only 4 cruisers attend, Craig Cheetham in his now turboed
105 series led the trip followed by Kelly F, Ted Gray and Pete Deigan and I went tail end. ( 3 x 80 series petrol cruisers )

Once again i would really like to thank Craig and Darren for sharing their knowledge and having the patience to take us LCoolers to places i know some of us probably would not ever get to travel to on our own ... :-) All of my high country travel has been with Craig and or Darren and both are a wealth of knowledge on all things from vehicle preparation , techniques and the history of the region ... most of all great fun to be with.   You guys are awesome!

We left camp 2 and headed up Tea Tree Spur Track. During our ascent we came across an oncoming TD 100 series which turned out to be Bob K and Terry Leader who were taking Bobs truck on a test run after carrying out the fan blade and radiator repairs the night before.

We continued up and turned left onto Mt Hart Track, continuing on to Hart Spur Track and after crossing a few rivers had smoko on the banks of the Humphray River.

After smoko we continued on our journey, crossed some more rivers on our way to Wonnangatta following the Humphray River Track then on to Wonnangatta Track to Wonnangatta. The Wonnangatta area was pretty flooded in November during Melbourne Cup long weekend as most of us would have heard and read stories about. Craig was there during that long weekend and witnessed a fair few silly decisions made by other 4x4 drivers and shared his stories with us. I notice the walk bridge is no longer there having been swept away by the flooded Conglomerate Creek. We had a quick look around, take advantage of the drop dunny and look at the hut and head off for lunch.

We crossed back over Conglomerate Creek the way we came in over the river and had our lunch under the shade of the elm trees.

After lunch we veered left off  Wonnangatta Track and followed the others on the the lower original Wonnangatta Track  when we came across a fairly large tree branch that had fallen and we had to drive under it, Craig and Kelly got under it no worries but Ted had to remove his roof mounted gas bottle in order to get past, i got past by lifting the branch a bit.

The track would have been pretty boggy when Craig and his friends from the Jeep Club travelled along here in November.We followed this lower track and eventually got back onto the Wonnangatta Track and continued on to Herne Spur track, crossed a  river before the climb.

Herne Spur is a pretty steep climb i did in mostly 1st low. Craig told us some stories of vehicles with wet drum brakes that had come to grief on this track and made sure we all dried our brakes off before the climb. :-) At the top we came onto Wombat Range Track, we stopped for a chat  and took some photos of the view before making our way to Cynthia Range track all the way to Station Track where we turned left and headed down to Racecourse Track, turned left at the bottom back to camp.

We crossed quite a number of rivers and creeks today but none were deep enough to cause any concern for the three petrol 80s  so didn`t need to fit bras ... :-0 We also travelled on some nice climbs and decents that i used 1st low on mainly Herne Spur which though easy enough in the conditions we had today would be a completely different story on another day.

John Koniw

Meanwhile back in Camp

A couple of things going on in camp..

- Raf and Maddy went for a drive into Dargo
- Wombat and Mark (and families) left for Melbourne via Dargo
- Adam, Matt and Jordy went liloing down to the river junction (6km)
- Terry did some more work with Bob, and took his car for a drive

Lots of photos around camp..

The liloing - Matty heads for the gap under the log

He's through - the rest follow

Down river..

Back at camp - boogie board on the rope is a hit - is that a message from Matty that we're meant to understand??

Wonnangatta - Pete relaxes

Ted with a brew

John contemplates!

Ahh - all of the boys (on the Wonnangatta Day Trip) in the one photo

Back at camp, Ted cooks up a storm

Bob with his favorite Elf's Hat (for getting the most fines on the previous day)

Terry mops up

Ted's camp oven spick and span

Ivan and Ben cooked - so Matt, Adam and Jordy doing the dishes

Paula getting time to feed herself - and Terry watching the bush TV

Brian cooks up a storm

Kristen with more water on the boil

Oh the serenity!

Ivan and Matty with pizza for dinner - Darren looks on

Mr McRae

Craig, Bob, Matt, Kristen, Paula and Terry having a chat