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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 8 - 2 Jan 11

Blue Rag Range Day Drive

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This morning was a drive up McMillan’s Track to the Dargo High Plains Rd, and up to Blue Rag.   There were also a couple of departures.   Darren and Ted were off back to Melbourne, Kelly was off to Sydney, Ivan and crew in the Camry, and Brian/Kirsten were off to Canberra.   Mark and Treen were also on their way back to Brisbane.   With the exception of Darren and Ted who used TeaTree Range to get out, everyone followed the same route, with Ivan and Mark at the rear.   Ivan with a car in front in case he needed a pull up the hill (a couple of iffy bits in only front wheel drive, especially when fully loaded and up a nice incline).   Brian and Treen so that they had loads of warning for cars coming the other way on the very narrow McMillan’s Track.

We got to the top of the range without incident, and pulled up in a large open area just short of the turn off to Blue Rag.   Those headed for the highway aired up, and we had morning tea while we regrouped.

Ivan and Brian headed for the bakery at Myrtleford (big recommendation) – only to have Kelly meet us there – and Darren as well, who had been held up by a big tree on TeaTree which he had to cut up and remove.

The main group turned off the Dargo High Plains road for the climb up to Blue Rag. It doesn't matter how many times we go up there, the challenging knife edged track leading to the helipad is nothing short of spectacular & even more so as the morning fog we had been driving through was caught down in the valleys. A few photo's & we retraced our route back down to a nice ridgetop lunch spot where Pete & John had to leave us. The return trip to camp was along the Basalt Knob Track which starts off in an old heavily burnt out logging area & finished with the steepest track of the entire trip.

While passing through Talbotville we all noticed a young lady travelling with a couple of donkeys & TJL was heard to say "look at that woman with the three Ass's". Quite embarassing though when Raff invited her to dinner & duly fined him for incorrectly counting the number of Donkeys :-)

With half the group leaving today we had a quiet night around the fire recounting the stories of the last week.

Ivan leaving camp in the Camry

John up the last pinch on Blue Rag

Terry cruises on up

John, Alec and Maia on top of Blue Rag

Up top

Matt gets a photo or two on top of Blue Rag

The donkeys belonged to the French girl who stayed at our camp on the last night.   She was walking from Blue Mountains to Melbourne on the National Horse Trail.   Trail covered lot of the same tracks we went on in the High Country.   She had all her provisions on the donkeys for the whole trip.
Maia walked the donkeys out of camp

Serena, Maddy and Lauren with one of the donkeys

All too much for John on the last night - though he's outlasted both of his friends!