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  LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience
Day 9 - 3 Jan 11

Wongungurra to Home

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After a total of 32 cars attended over the nine days we were down to the hard core (or stubborn) last Eight. We had a lazy packup & cleaned the site gathering a bit of rubbish & a little treasure, TJL doing the sacrificial burning of someone’s favorite boxer shorts while luckily I decided take home a pair of old Dunlop Volleys. Lucky I say as tucked inside where $200 worth of orthotic inserts! (I’m sure Michael has chewed Isaacs ear over that one)

Time to split, Glen, Sharon & his tribe headed to Dargo & north up the coast, John Alec & Maia had more time so were last seen heading towards the Gatta while Raff, Matt & Paula & my crew took the Tea Tree Range Track out over the top.  Part way along we found the huge tree that had delayed Darren the day before. If only he had known about the little used detour over Mt Sarah it would have saved him an hour on the chainsaw ;-)

Coming out at Myrtleford for lunch we were home mid arvo & hosted Matt, Paula & the kids for one last night before they continued their Victorian tour back up to the Goulburn River at Jamieson.

In conclusion we had a great New Years break up the High Country with the LCOOL group. Caught up with lots of old friends & made plenty more. We experienced the extremes of weather from thunderstorms to minus 2  then 37 degrees just 3 days later at the Wongungarra.

Some highlights were the challenging driving at times, great views, relaxing in the river, teamwork to get several dead cars going again, a delicious smorgasbord  & some dubious fines sessions around the campfire, raising in total $300.05 which has gone to the Flying Doctor Service.

Thanks Muddy for the LCOOL signage & Daz for co leading the trip & organizing the sponsors for the Tshirts. Until next time.

Cheers Craig……..

And so endeth the trip - TJL not game to touch this pair of lime green champions that have been left behind...