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LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience :: 26 Dec 10 - 4 Jan 11


Back by popular demand, Craig and Darren ran another trip to the Victorian High Country open to all LCOOL subscribers. This year had day trips from two central base camps accessible to those with camper trailers & small full offroad vans.

Camp One was to be at Limestone Creek in the upper Murray with destinations that included McFarlane’s Flat, Davies Plain, Mt Pinnibar & Moscow Villa.

Camp Two was on the Wongungarra River not far from Talbotville with day runs to the Pinnacles, Blue Rag Range, Wonnangatta & the Historic Gold area’s of Dargo, Crooked River & Grant.

Both camps are on fairly remote rivers with no facilities so participants had to bring everything although there were several opportunities to restock food & top up fuel enroute. The day trips were generally of an intermediate standard although as always track conditions & river heights can change rapidly in the High Country after rain.

Those that have been on previous lcool runs will know it’s not all about the driving with plenty going on around camp. (Fishing, caving, swimming) Each night was 5 o’clock nibblies at a central fire with plenty of socializing to be had.

The Crew:


Craig, Kristen, Maddy, Lauren and Serena 105 Series
Darren M
80 Series
80 Series
Raff 120 Series
Anders, Sheree and 2 120 Series
Terry and Tania 100 Series
Greg G and Carolyn 105 Series
John and Peter 80 Series
Harry and Beryl 78 Series
Dave M 100 Series
Phil M 100 Series
100 Series
Mark and Trudee 100 Series
Tony and Annie


Glen, Sharon and Raina
200 Series
Scott and Fiona 80 Series
Bob K
100 Series
Matt, Paula, Aaron and Jesse
80 Series
John, Maia and Alec
80 Series
Igor and Sasha 100 Series
Michael, Stephanie, Isaac, Xavier and Ollie
200 Series
Stephen & Amanda        120 Series
80 Series
Brian and Kirsten
100 Series
Barry T 105 Series
Kelly F 80 Series
David and Sylvie 200 Series
Darren and Kris 80 Series


Ivan, Adam, Matt, Jordy and Ben 120 Series
Ian, Nanette and Michaela 100 Series


Wombat, Norene, and Joel 100 Series


Mark, Treen and Georgia
80 Series

(32 Cars and 71 people in case anyone was wondering!!)

The Plan:

Sunday 26th………….
Travel day to Charlies Creek, a great big grassy area, amongst the Alpine timbers, small stream, centre of the day trip action, Camping on the grass, amongst the trees, the track runs through this area, and our camp will be visible and signposted and you will be able to call up on channel 26 UHF.
Plenty of room to send coke bottles in the air, kick the footy, put the stumps up, or kick back under the trees and watch.

From Victoria, head to Benambra, then Beloka Rd to Mt Hope track, over Mt Murphy, past Bukwong hut, and turning left to Charlies Creek. [hut marked on HEMA high country map with camping area .]
From NSW if crossing the Murray, turn left, over Davies Plain, past Davies Plain hut and you cant help but drive through Charlies Creek.

Monday 27th…………
Take a scenic easy drive to Mt Pinnibar , great view, pass a few huts, coming back through Tom Groggin lunching on the Murray river.
Some from NSW may like to join us at the Murray around lunch time for the trip back into camp and happy hour.

Tuesday 28th………..
One of the great scenic drives of this area, the Cobbera’s Trail over the bald hills, through McFarlanes Flat track and Suggan Buggan, back to camp for happy hour, will be a big day, but well worth the drive of changing scenery, within a few KM of where the Murray River starts, before ending up on the winding bitumen for a section, then back onto a dirt road to camp.

Wednesday 29th…….
Transit day to camp 2. Lunch at Omeo, there is a supermarket to restock, bakery, pub, park, fuel all in the main st. Then we will head across to Dargo High Plains rd, down Collingwood Spur, across the river, and past Station Track about 5 km & camp at the Wongungarra River on the right hand side of Tea Tree Spur Track close to the National Park boundry.

Thursday 30th………
Eaglevale, bring your blind/snorkel, Climb Billy Goats Bluff, bring your binoculars, to the Pinnacles, look for a view of the ocean from the firetower, then back down Billy Goats for the opposite view, heading into Dargo for an ice cream, fuel if you need it, and back to camp via the River Rd .

Friday 31st………..
A scenic drive to explore the place Grant used to be, for morning tea, into the old mines for a look, and a fossic, before heading down Bulltown spur, the 24 odd crossings of the Crooked River with a scenic lunch stop at one of the old town sites, before getting back to camp nice and early for Campfire smorgasboard cookup after an extended happy hour for New Years Eve.

Saturday 1st……..
Today, we head for an iconic High Country location via Cynthia Range, Wombat spur, into Wonnangatta for lunch, then Loop back along the Humphray River toward camp. (Part day)

Sunday 2nd……..
This is the view of the high county for smoko today via the Blue Rag Range Loop. This is close to the Mt Hotham Rd, so some may choose to head out via Harrietville or Hotham from Blue Rag.

Monday 3rd…….
For those who have plenty of holidays, today is official pack and Head for home day, either via Dargo Rd, Mt Hart, and Mt Selwyn, to Buckland Valley, or even back through the Gatta, and out past Binderee toward Mansfield.
Reports for each day are on the pages linked below.
Other links in this report are: