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80 Series Cruiser Owners On Line has for several years run a mature and active email group full of enthusiastic members. 80sCOOL has grown to encompass more models such as the 75/76/78 and 100 Series along with the 120 and 90 Series Prado. Since then, 80scool has evolved into LandCruiser Owners On Line and now uses a forum interface for communication between members.

The groups are organised to encourage discussions that are vehicle specific. In other words, you can discuss technical aspects of say a 90 Series Prado (on the 90scool forum) without distraction from other model specific groups. Of course if you are interested in more than one model, they are available from the main forum .

Additionally, in order to service LCOOL members in a more personal and productive way, several regional groups have been created. These are region rather than vehicle model specific and are aimed at delivering a communication channel for a variety of topics. These may include trips and events, local specials and communication of a more personal level that need not go to the nationwide or world wide groups. These groups can also be used to discuss issues that are specific to the local specification of vehicles in that region.

It's a great way to get to know your local members.

Best of all, these groups bring together people from all around the world so that no matter where you travel, there will invariably be an LCOOL member nearby.

If you would like to apply to join the LCOOL community and register for the LCOOL forums, please Click Here to go to the application web page