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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


Day 6  - 30th December 2003

From left to right - B2 "There's a patch here somewhere", Tyre doing the Grand Puke "hissssss", B1 "I'm trying to look like I know what I'm doing to put others off from noticing my knobbly knees" and TJL "Too late B1".

Craig on one of the early Crooked River crossings.

Terry in action. There was some quandary about all the antennas on his car, but all were satisfied that they were there to keep the poor bugger from breaking up - and to help push a stronger signal out for when he gets lost....

Craig driving down the side stream on the Crooked River. This particular crossing had more than a few confused with pleas for instructions bellowing over the radio - from the Brisbane crowd. You enter the water with no sign of the exit, and must drive down the river for some way before you can see where to go. 

Lunch at historic Grant. This proved to be a most welcome and popular toilet stop with the single drop dunny copping some serious use.

Crossing the Wongungarra River. Craig found the shallow route to the left.

However you couldn't avoid the deeper water on the 2nd half of the crossing.

Bad Boy James Yatras ploughing into the deep water. He had the help of a ton of camper trailer on the back to give him that added momentum. Yes folks, there is a silver 80 and a camper trailer inside that splash.

Bad Boy Yatras into the 2nd half of the crossing. Tracy would have been giving him a good serve right about now.

Travis follows Yatras albeit at a much more sensible pace.

Not content with the depth of the water, Travis seeks something even deeper. At this point, Travis is so excited that it was quite likely that the inside of the car was just as wet as the river.

And he found it on the 2nd part of the river crossing.

Mark "lefty, no righty, no left, no....argh...bugger" Gordon gingerly dips his ultra clean multivalve turbo diesel into the Wongungarra River - amidst cries from Yatras telling him to "get into it Gordo".

Gordo getting to the 2nd part of the crossing.

Hans "gutter mouth boy" Anderson takes it sedately, all the time wondering when his AT's will begin to lose traction.

With no regard to keeping up with the bow wave, Hans hoofs it to get out.

Scott "Mac boy" McGill finds a shallower path but makes up for it with high speed. The blazing head lights are a dead cert giveaway that he wanted to be photographed.

Scott loved getting his 80 wet.

Nearly there Scott... At this point he's wondering if anyone would notice if he turned around and did it all again.

TJL musters all the go from his intercooled multivalve turbo diesel to impress the crowds. We're quite certain that he skimmed along the top for a while before sinking deep.

Even by the 2nd part of the crossing, Terry "the ancient mariner" Leeder had enough speed up to keep a couple of bare footers up behind him.



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