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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


Day 7  - 31st December 2003

Mark "leave it to the last minute" Gordon fitting EGT and boost gauges whilst he waited for his clothes to dry. Gordo's choice of boost gauge however was a bit sus. He looked quite serious when he said he wanted the 0 - 30 psi model because the needle movement of any normal gauge would distract him. This is from a man with a University education.... Trina needs to slap him into shape.

80s along Billy Goat Bluff. Gordo leads GC through the oil puddle that some dark blue Nissan left on the trail.

From the other side of Billy Goat Bluff, Scott waits for the all clear through the oil puddle.

The Pinnacles fire tower with Trina, the fire tower man, and Scott. Scott's the one with the goofy grin.

Trina and Gordo grinning like a couple of naughty school kids. They liked the view.

Who would have thought that a teeny weeny Prado could make such a splash. Darren shows that he can mix it with the other lads, and that he too was a thrill seeker by never turning the snorkel head around.

Throughout the trip, Daz's Prado was first in all the river crossings.

Scott enters the reasonably fast flowing river

Mark "dizzy dial" Gordon does his stuff nice and easy

GC enters gingerly.

Continues on gingerly.

And exits gingerly..... Retirement has been hard on GC.




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