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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


New Year's Eve Celebrations

The Brisbane crowd brought a sack full of fireworks along with them and gave all within a several km radius a fiery New Year's show. They made the night!

Tracy driving back after dropping the fire works crew on the island in the middle of the Wongungarra River. This is before her headlights disappeared.

A motley crew..... Tracy "guzzle. Now where's my noisy husband", Scott "I think I can...I think I can", Cam and Daniela who's grin says it all and Daniela's parents.

Now who could resist a face like that? He's actually just about ready to let one go.

Party animals.

Ian "chicken legs" Bragg and Brian "happy new year" Sommerville. 

Terry's found a friend!

Roly "Damn, B2 would look good with an ear ring", Carolyn "I'm afraid", Greg "Don't be concerned Carolyn, I'll protect you from these thugs", Mark "Damn, Roly would look good with a belly ring" and B2 who will invariably be having a conversation with someone who will have trouble understanding the point.

B1 and B2 beaming. B2 just finished Year 12 so he had plenty to beam about

James (complete with drip stains) and Roly. Nobody could figure out what Roly had to smile about. Must have been the drink. Matter of fact, nobody could figure out what James had to smile about either, given the clipping he received to his social standing from Tracy several nights ago. Hmmmm... Definitely the drink.

Mark in mid sentence, but deep in thought. If a moving boost gauge needle is distracting, concentrating must be damn near impossible with things around him moving all the time. Hans is smiling because he knows his left from right.

Cameron and Steve deep in conversation, while Daniela's Dad looks on inquisitively.

Late night revellers. What a noisy bunch.

With the kids in bed, Craig just spotted his wife disappearing into the tent.

Warwick "the woeful wife" hit the sack early. He would normally wear undies over his head to bed but he heard us coming. That's why they're resting on his pillow.

Roly after being asked what he does whenever he meets a Nissan Dealer.

Someone just yelled "look right" and Mark's still trying to figure it out. Eventually he let out a grunt and looked left....


The previous New Year's LCOOL trip saw a bad case of "beanitis". By the look of the following lads, beanitis may have paid a visit this year as well.

Greg "gunt" Goulden

Scott "squeak" McGill

Hans "any harder and I'll bleed" Anderson



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