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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


Day 8  - 1st January 2004

With so many river crossings over the trip, it became normal fare. In addition, the radio chatter from Brisbane crowd settled down - a welcome respite.

Roly has spotted Terry's beef noodles. Warwick however seems nonplussed.

Swimming in the Wanangatta River. It was a welcome rest and escape from the heat and flies.

Even late at night, the Brisbane visitors James and Tracy were as bare as modesty allowed. More to the point, James was as bare as Tracy would allow him to be. Thanks Tracy.

Day 9  - 2nd January 2004

Roly after a fitful sleep. The constant drip drip drip from his transfer case kept him awake all night. He has vowed to lower his Nissan because with the lower lift, the drips won't be as noisy.

The obligatory picture of Terry under a car bonnet. Cameron on the other hand has already gone through 4 cans while Terry checks the battery voltage.

B1 and B2 camp. B2 did a sterling job of setting everything up - as well as most of the driving. B1 was a model of inspiration to gc.

The Wannangatta homestead site

Wannangatta cemetry

Convoy through the lush Wannangatta Valley

Most of the convoy at the Wannangatta cemetery

Most of the High Country was a blaze of colour. Well, at least the bits that weren't ablaze in the recent fires.

Scott "splasher" McGill doing his stuff

James Yatras had a problem with a split front right brake hose. Thankfully, unlike another Brisbane visitor, he knew which side that was. A tightly clamped pair of vice grips zip tied to the sway bar ensured that James could continue without loss of brake fluid - albeit with braking on 3 wheels. Tracy would have kept him well informed on when and where to brake.

Morning break at the top of Zeka Track on the Howitt High Plains. The Yatras repair crew limped in a short time later.

Helicopter Point. The convoy of LCOOL members continued up past the bend in the track for quite some way. It would have been a much longer convoy if TJL hadn't led the others away when he took a wrong turn. He obviously had taken directional lessons from Gordo....

Some of the gang at Helicopter Point

Steve giving his generous belly a bit of an airing on the ridge top at Helicopter Point

gc hidden away amongst the trees near Lovick's Hut

Darren poses seductively whilst Steve and Craig do their best to ignore

Blind leading the blind. Warwick and Scott planning Scott's escape.

Cam and Daniella by Bluff Hut

Upon reaching the night's camp spot at Pikes Flat, chairs and drinkies were to be found on the river. A most relaxing way to end the day's activities.

Though what could be more relaxing than a bout of pyrotechnics around the camp fire. See here what a bottle filled with "combustible fluid" does when strategically placed in the camp fire.

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