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The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure


Day 10  - 3rd January 2004

A slack morning at Pikes Flat. At this stage of the trip, a good deal of sitting around was had.

Darren giving the lads a practical demonstration of what a well set up Prado can do. It shut most up however the word Pramry or Playdough was still heard over the airwaves... But never to Daz's face.

The view from B1 & B2's 80. If they had some more grunt they wouldn't have lagged so far behind. Mind you, it may have had something to do with B2 driving on L plates with B1 giving him the occasional clip on the ear whenever B2 hoofed it.

Travelling from Pikes Flat

Bindaree Hut

The gang admiring Bindaree Falls.

Razorback Hut

Razorback Hut Bedrooms



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