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Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip :: Southend/Beachport :: 26 Dec 06 - 3 Jan 07


The Annual LCOOL Xmas Trip for 06/07 wasn't held in the High Country this year, due to all of the fires which had caused widespread damage.   Darren had come up with an alternative for this year which was enjoyed by all.

The location was the Southend Caravan Park which is located just a 20min beach drive from Beachport on the Limestone Coast. Some of the highlights of this location were:
  • well known as a launching place into the Millicent Sand Buggy Club dune area,
  • access to the Cununda National Park
  • access to Robe via many beach and headland sojourns
  • close to the salt pool - a natural pool with salt seven times the normal quantity - the same as the Dead Sea (Pool of Siloam) - amazing how much flotation is given - even Dazz was held at water level (what?, that wasn't the salt????)
  • bush camping out of the prevailing winds, and private enough to think you had twice the amount of room that we had.
Attendees this year were:

Darren McRae Pootrol Ute
26 Dec - 2 Jan
Ted Gray 80 Series 26 Dec - 3 Jan
Joe and John
120 Series 26 Dec - 3 Jan
Stan, Ellen, Robbie, Elsie and Alisa 120 Series 27 Dec - 3 Jan
John, Katerina, Chris, Maia and Alec 80 Series 28 Dec - 2 Jan
Ivan, Lea, Adam, Matt and Ben 100 Series 29 Dec - 3 Jan
Craig, Kristen, Maddy, Lauren and Serena
100 Series 30 Dec - 3 Jan

Reports for each day are on the pages linked below.
Maps for the area can be found here:

Thanks to Darren for running another great trip - see you all again soon!