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LCOOL Ultimate High Country Experience :: 26 Dec 10 - 4 Jan 11
LCOOL Flinders Trip - 27 Sept to 7 Oct
LCOOL Snow Trip 2007 - August 2007
LCOOL Ultimate Expedition 2007 - 9th June to 8th July

Report and Images Pending

LCOOL Fly Drive Weekend - 31 Mar to 1 Apr 07

Report and Images Pending

LCOOL Annual Christmas Trip 2006 26th Dec - 2nd Jan
LCOOL "Travel Essentials Day" 06 - Sat 2nd Dec
LCOOL ACT - Bendethera 06 - 22-24 Oct
LCOOL ULTIMATE EXPEDITION 2006 Madigan line/Hay River - 19th June - 1st July

Report and Images Pending

The cool LCOOL Snow Trip 2006 - Snow slogging and Igloos for all - 4-6th August

Report and Images Pending

LCOOL ACT - Gardens of Stone

May 2006

Report and Images Pending LCOOL NSW - Snowy River - Mountains to the Sea 22-29 April 06

April 2006

LCOOL ACT - City to Surf

February 2006

LCOOL ACT - Suspension Weekend

February 2006

Report and Images Pending LCOOL - Christmas High Country Trip

December 2005

LCOOL ACT Xmas '05

December 2005

LCOOL Slogging & Sleeping in the Snow - Victorian members

August 2005

Report and Images Pending LCOOL Simpson 05 - A Biggie this year

July 2005

LCOOL_ACT Bendethra

June 2005

LCOOL ACT Ladies Day

May 2005

LCOOL_ACT - Clyde Mountain

March 2005

Buckland Valley Base Camp - Easter 05

March 2005

Diesel Information Day Trip through the Brindabella Mountains

February 2005

LCOOL_ACT Revisits Broken Cart Trail in the Brindabella Mountains

January 2005

LCOOL_ACT gets down and dirty at Clyde Mountain

January 2005

LCOOL ACT Christmas Trip

December 2004

LCOOL Big Desert trip – Melbourne Cup Weekend

November 2004

LCOOL_ACT Revisits the Brindabella Mountains

October 2004

LCOOL Victorian Snow Adventure

Sept 2004

Brindies Double Crossing with LCOOL ACT (The LCOOL lads from Canberra)

August 2004

LCOOL Simpson Desert Double Crossing

July 2004

Nunawading Toyota Vehicle Maintenance & Tour

June 2004

DTRONIC Information Day

May 2004

ARB Factory Tour and Information Night

April 2004

LCOOL ACT - Snorkel Installation Day

March 2004

LCOOL Diesel Information Day - Canberra

Feb 2004

The LCOOL National New Year High Country Adventure

Dec 2003

Dazza's Snow Slogging

Sept 2003

Toolangi Trekking

April 2002

Bastard Barson's Big High Country Adventure

Feb 2002

Tom Groggin, Moscow Villa Via, The Poplars, Limestone Creek - Victorian High Country - Australia

Jan 2002



(Tight Trouser Tracks)

Trips or tracks that create that often elusive tightening sensation in the trouser department. These trips or tracks need not necessarily be difficult or demanding. If the trousers get tight, then it qualifies as a TTT....

Feb 2002

Googs Road - South Australia

Jan 2002

Fred's Hill - NSW - Australia


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